Jack’s Pak-It is an established neighborhood meat market, deli, and grocery store owned and operated by the Blanda family in Beaumont, Texas.

Many people may recall their parents or grandparents talking about that unique Italian store where they loved to shop, and customers always came first.

Well, Jack’s Pak-It is the place where these past recollections along with the love of shopping come back to life. Continuing the tradition of true customer service is not something taken lightly as it is an integral part of the Jack’s Pak-It’s ultimate shopping experience. “I get to work with my family everyday, I am passionate about our store, and I truly enjoy sharing my Italian heritage with customers and friends as I carry on the traditions on behalf of my ancestors,” says owner Louis Blanda.

The owners are Louis and Lori Blanda along with their two sons, Sam & Jake Blanda. We along with staff operate the long standing Beaumont location. The whole Jack’s Pak-It staff is honestly like family to the Blanda’s making true to the definition of a family business.

The Blandas are Sicilian Italians with roots in the cities of Corleone and Bisacquino near the capital city of Sicily, Palermo. In the early 1900’s, the Blanda’s ancestors began migrating from Sicily, Italy to the United States. Much of the family ended up in Southeast Texas and in particular Orange, TX. Most of the Blanda family remains in the Southeast Texas area.

The Blanda family’s tradition of the grocery business started in 1917 when Grandma Blanda opened the first grocery store in her home in Orange, TX. The Blandas are well known for their Italian culture. It shows in many of the foods they offer as well as how customers are embraced and welcomed as extended family. The Blanda’s also appreciate the way the customers in Beaumont and surrounding areas have taken them in as extended family as well.

In the family tradition, each day when the doors open for business, an owner is on site to welcome the customer. On any morning, you will find the “coffee crew” gathering at Jack’s Pak-It to share stories and good humor before heading off to work.

“A Beaumont Tradition in Service” is the store’s motto and the Jack’s Pak-It staff enjoys meeting their customers and providing personal service. Owner Lori Blanda says, “We want every customer to feel welcome and leave our store completely satisfied.”

Key team members

Louis Blanda

Owner & Manager

Lori Blanda

Owner & Manager

Jake Blanda

Manager & Butcher

Sam Blanda

Manager & Butcher