Jack’s Pak-It is a full service meat market that offers a wide variety of fresh beef, pork, and chicken as well as the difficult to find veal and lamb products. Customers prefer using the open meat case to make their selection. A butcher is always available for any specialty cuts that a customer might request which is an extremely hard find in this area.

Let Jack’s Pak-It Season & Cook Your Meats!

A very popular service we offer is the seasoning, the grill searing, and the cooking of all meats carried in the store. With a minimum of a 24 hour notice, we can have dinner waiting for you. For example, the most popular item ordered is whole beef tenders that are trimmed, tied, and seasoned. Some are sold just seasoned and raw with cooking instructions for the customer. Some are sold with just a searing, and the customer finishes it in their oven. Others are sold fully cooked with the option of being sliced. Let us calm your cooking worries by giving us a call today!